Available today, the Spooner app offers a helping hand in finding authentic dish reviews to Android and Apple device users. It enables users to easily and quickly find the best dishes in restaurants around them.

The Spooner app saves you from the hassle of scouring entire restaurant menus, or searching for reviews about the décor or service or waiting for a host/hostess to tell you about their signature dish. The app dish-specific reviews will help you in discovering and sharing your experience about good food.

It is a free to use mobile app that contains a wide range of food reviews – that you can search by restaurant in your area. The app offers well-researched reviews from critics and other spooners.

You can decide what to eat based on the dish ratings out of 5. What’s more? You can also share your own food experience, which includes rating a dish, taking a picture of it, and providing a brief summary about your dining experience. Furthermore, the Spooner app can be integrated with popular social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter. This makes it a lot easier to spoon feed your food reviews to your friends.


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